Healing my husband from C Difficile

Each day before 6:30 a.m. I have already cooked breakfast and lunch for my husband Michael to take to work. As he leaves each morning loaded with a smoothie full of super foods to sip on as he drives to work; breakfast with some form of gluten-free cereal with fruit and almond milk or a brown rice breakfast quesadilla and a lunch with an amazing salad loaded with new exciting and alive foods; I thank my lucky stars he looks so good and has a smile on his face.

You see in January 2011 when Michael was walking out the door to work I turned around to say goodbye and the next second he was down on the floor in extreme pain with a ruptured colon. We did not know it at the time but had I not gotten him to the hospital right away he would have died from this. Michael had some serious life threatening health issues ahead of him that we could never have foreseen and looking back now I have learned and grown so much but as we were in the middle of such a catastrophic health issue I was foggy, scared, looking for answers and found very few from the medical community. What I really needed was someone to help me sort through finding alternative options for healing.  I believe there is always a way to change the outcome and I was not ready to have my husband end up with a permanent colostomy without searching high and low and scouring the internet for answers. To this day he is here because we changed our diet, our lifestyle choices and became consistent with very supportive supplements.

I won’t go into the gruesome details of the next 6 months but they were the scariest times in both our lives and are still fresh enough that we check in with each other many times throughout the day and give thanks for being alive! So with a ruptured colon comes infection in your sterile abdominal cavity. The only way to get rid of infection is with mass doses of hard-core antibiotics. Mass doses of antibiotics for extended periods of time can lead to a host of new problems and within 3 months he endured 3 surgeries with 3 hospital stints each visit lead to more antibiotics……his system was shocked and completely void of any good bacteria that could help him heal and left him open to contracting a host of new problems. This lead to contracting the nasty and antibiotic resistant super bacteria called C Difficile

Now put yourself in a hospital where C Difficile is commonplace, it is easily spread from one patient to the next by the nursing staff or from simply touching a counter top or door knob with the bacteria and your immune system is compromised you are at great risk for contracting different strains of this antibiotic resistant beast and they can take over your body quickly. A new report from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)  shows that the rates of infection for this bacteria are at historic highs.

Almost all C Difficile infections are connected to getting medical care! GASP!! Can you believe that!

Its a very lonely and scary place to be because the doctors have limited tools and many of those tools are what lead to this problem in the first place. I think that most of our physicians thought we would sue them and they backed away from us as soon as we were released from the hospital. I’m writing this because as we were going through our battle I could not find any information to help us and I felt like it was Michael and me against the world huddled in our little house trying to find something that would fix him.

There is GREAT news out there and on the other side of our struggle we found success!!!!! We changed our diet immediately once we knew what could help, became a totally bonded couple and found a new way to live our life with products that help your body battle this monster. We also found an environmental physician who I call our Goddess Doctor. She was instrumental in our healing and recover process and is our primary physician for ever more.

Here are links to the products that had a significant impact with combating C Difficile that helped us along with completely removing all gluten, sugar, dairy, most grains even the non gluten ones and paying attention to and removing  anything that caused discomfort after eating.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics


EcoNugenics Digestive Enzymes 


On Guard from dōTERRA®

There is so much more to this story. Part two will be our diet shift and foods that help you heal as you go through this journey. You should know that Michael is doing much better a year and 1 month off all antibiotics and he is still healing. This is some pretty tough stuff to battle and had I known how many people die from this annually I think I would have been more scared. The good news is that we are proof of going against the grain and working outside of your “primary care physician” with new ways of healing really has its benefits.

As with all posts be well and if this strikes a chord within and you have issues please send me a message I am here to help. Jennifer


10 thoughts on “Healing my husband from C Difficile

  1. Hi Jennifer-Love your blog! I can’t wait to see every post! I am currently pniing after the simple life. I found out I am coeliac after giving birth to my beautiful twin boys and have been struggling with it ever since! Then today I had a severe reaction to preservative 220 so back to the specialist I go I hate how much stuff’ is added to EVERYTHING!I dream of my own vege patch and cows roaming around and with three boys a farm would be great! Anyway I shall stop my rant and get back to doing my gluten free baking!Can’t wait to see what you have in store!Erin

  2. Having been there, done that and discovered my eldset was very casien intolerant… wean the gluten. Everything I read at the time recommended doing so. Casien you could cut immediately but not the other. Also, it may take 3mths for a visible change to occur. Unlike the casien which was quick – for us it was less than 24hrs and the nightmares/terrors/diahhrea were gone.

  3. I also have c diff. Ive had it for roughly a month now did flagyl with huge side effects and vanco with no relief and some small side effects so I stopped them. It’s miserable Im looking into fecal transplant but in the meantime I ordered on guard to see if it will help. How much did you take and how often? Do I put the oil in an empty capsule? Thanks so much

  4. Wonderful blog and testimony! I also suffered with reoccurring c diff for 4 months. I didn’t know about the oils at that point in my journey, and became better with a fecal transplant. After that horrible ordeal, I found the oils, and I LOVE them!! I’m a nurse and use OnGuard to wash my scrubs. I healed ear and tooth infections with the oils and am still learning about them. I pray I never have to go through that again. I’d be interested in your OnGuard protocol if it’s available.

  5. Oh I am so thankful to hear of his healing. I have cdiff my self and am scared. Frustrated. Alone. Annoyed. But was also already gluten free so the diet change has been fair. We already use on guard. Love it and all of doterra. However, Oh my, am I a sugar addict. I would love to pick your brain more.

    • 3 – 4 times a day on the feet is what I did because Michael was so sick. If taking internally I would do it 2 – 3 x day. probably 2-3 drops each time. Super important is the Dr. Ohirahs probiotic is specifically targets c-diff.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer. Is there somewhere I can read more about the regimen you and your husband used to treat his cdiff? I’m afraid mine may be recurring and I’m afraid of using antibiotics again.

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