Chill the Office Chinchilla

Ok I do not like the thought of caging animals. Therefore I am against any store selling animals in general and selling animals like bunnies, chinchillas, mice, rats and well birds and reptiles too. Most often these guys end up in the shelter when the kids get tired of cleaning the cages. So if you are thinking it would be a good experience and responsibility for your child to care for a pet please go to your local animals shelter and find the already discarded ones or get in touch with a species specific rescue, there are TONS!Image

So anyway no to rant on that touchy subject I have a chinchilla from some idiot girl who felt the need to breed more animals that have no business in a cage. I thought I would be able to keep him in the barn with my odd family consisting of 2 rescue bunnies, 1 guinea pig and a cockatiel because he could climb all over but Chinchillas cannot tolerate heat over 80 degrees! Therefore this adorable little guy now lives in my office. I have a pretty big 3 story cage and each day for the most part I let him run all over the place while I am in here working.

Chinchillas I think are a combination of a bunny and a squirrel they are not cuddly and really should not be someones pet, especially a child who wants to hold them. They are rodents, they chew and will bite if you do not let go of them. They are not mean, they just want to jump and run and be an animal who is not kept in those awfully small cages. I’m just curious what sick, mean person designed cages for these little guys that are 24″ x 24″……Oy I could start a new rant about that too.

I’m not really sure why this was my morning topic; I guess I thought sharing some of my life could give you a little bigger understanding of what impacts my day and how I have been able to incorporate all my rescue animals, manage my holistic health coaching business, cook all our organic gluten-free meals and keep sane!

Enjoy your day, treat your pets with the utmost respect they deserve and as always



2 thoughts on “Chill the Office Chinchilla

  1. Question. My bf n I we just broke up n I bought a chnlihilca n my parents wouldn’t when I first bought her so she stayed at my bfs house. I really wanna keep her with me n I love her to death but my parents don’t want any sort of pets inside the house. My question is if I take extremely good care of her can I keep her outside in the shade??? Eventually I need to move out so I can take her to a cooler place before summer ends. Now when it gets cold offcourse I’ll have to put her somewhere warm

  2. Hi Shaian firstly I think you already know my opinion about buying these little guys at a pet shop so I won’t go there again. When I googled chinchilla care they cannot tolerate heat over 80 degrees so even in shade it can easily get above that and I would recommend you keep her inside anyway for her safety. They are quite tender little beings and drastic change in surroundings and in temperature is not very good for them. It seems that your life is a bit up and down and so I would make a recommendation to find a stable home for this little girl. Did you know that these little animals live over 15 years? Most people don’t know this and because they are cute it is often a purchase without understanding the total commitment you are making. If there is anything else you need let me know. Good luck to you and the little one.

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