The Garden

The garden is an ever changing thing. Each year there are different layouts, new plants and I try to rotate the crops so that my soil does not become depleted. As I have become more serious about actually producing food I have come to realize how difficult farming is and how uncontrollable the outcome. This year I am hopeful for some really good food and I have planted foods that I know I will eat and that I cook with. As you decided what to plant try to think of meals, your likes things that your kids will eat. I know that sounds so basic but when you are at your local garden center or browsing a seed catalog everything looks amazing and its easy to get caught up in looks not what you really eat. Its a common flaw we all have so you are not alone.

2 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. When raising cinevntoonal food, one uses pecticieds as compared to natural pesticides with organic (organic less expensive). Chemical fertilizers compared to organic fertilizers (organic natural and less expenisive ie manures etc)How can this justify the higher cost of organic food as compared to commercially grown (less expensive) and having to purchase chemicals etc. Doing artifical pollination as oposed to natural pollination. The list goes on and onl. This boggles my mind. I know from my own garden by not having to spend money on poisons and artificial fertilizers it costs me less to grow vegatables than if I used chemicals and other artificial means.Then why are we being charged more for a vegatable or a piece of meat that has no chemicals that are costly to produce, distribute, and apply as compared to natural herbicides, fertilizers, etc. that are plentiful and less expensive to use?

    • The Mantis is about the best predator aunrod. This time of the year (early spring) is the best time to search the edges of pastures and fields aunrod parks for egg cases. They are found on the thin twigs of bushes. Clip them with pruning tools and hang them by short strings about 6 feet apart aunrod your garden. They will hatch 50 to 100 little bug eaters about the time your seeds germinate. They will venture about looking for food. You will notice that by the end of the season you will only have one or two big fat ones. If you have any short bushes they should have two or three egg cases that will winter over till next spring.

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