Curry Kale, Cabbage and Cranberry Slaw (now that’s a tongue twister!)

This recipe is on the large scale of things. I make a huge bowl and use it with just about everything through the week. The taste marinates as it ages, in fact it tastes better each day!

Also please try to use organic ingredients at all times for your health and the health of whomever you are feeding. Preventing illness now may save you from paying 10 times more down the road with our broken “healthcare” (I can hardly say that without cracking up) system.



2 Bunches Kale (I’m not partial, whatever kind is freshest) with large vein removed

1/2 head purple cabbage

1/2 head green cabbage

6 – 8 Carrots

1 Cup Veganaise (I use the soy free one)

1 TBSP Curry Powder (plus more for fine tuning your own)

1 tsp Nutmeg

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt (optional)

1 – 2 tsp black pepper (and more to taste)

1 bag (about a cup) of dried cranberries (the more the better in my opinion)

2 TBSP Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 TBSP fresh oregano

2 TBSP or more fresh Cilantro

1 TBSP fresh Thyme

1/2 Cup Hemp hearts, chopped walnuts or raw cashews


In a food processor shred the organic kale and cabbage. Change the blade to the grater and grate carrots.

Place in a large bowl along with the fresh herbs, cranberries and nuts and toss with your hands until the mix looks beautiful.Image

In a separate small bowl put veganaise and spices and mix well. You can taste your dressing and add more to it or wait until you have mixed it with you kale mix.

It is an art to mix this together because you have so much fresh shredded stuff but keep going nice and slow until the veganaise mixture is evenly shared with the greens. Add your apple cider vinegar and mix well.



What I look for as far as taste goes I want to know what I’m eating so I like to taste my greens and I to blend well with the curry and other spices. It usually takes me a few extra shakes of curry and nutmeg and I will always add a bit more apple cider vinegar because I could drink the stuff (in fact I do, mixed with water!) and then I put it in the ref. for at least 30 minutes to let the juices flow together.  

I use it with everything in sandwiches, on salads, as a side dish and often as a mid day snack all by itself; its very versatile and healthy.

The brain healthy spices in this slaw are: cinnamon, oregano, thyme, curry

Carrots and cranberries are on the list of the 50 best brain foods.

You will also receive a boost in protein since kale packs quite a protein punch! Hope you enjoy this and will make it your own in time.

As with all posts Eat, Heal and LIVE with Jennifer!

2 thoughts on “Curry Kale, Cabbage and Cranberry Slaw (now that’s a tongue twister!)

    • I think you should use which ever condiment works best for you taste and digestive system! Although I don’t know how a slaw would taste with olive oil but if you try this please tell me how it worked for you.

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